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Highland Park

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This was obviously the "kids room." The built-in desk and book shelves along the rear wall of this room were very well done. A bathroom is through the door at the right of the above photo. A small hall with closets on each side were through the door at the left. Built-in dresser drawers are in wall between the 2 doors. Front wall of this room was all floor-to- ceiling casement windows looking out onto the front balcony. The light-tone finished wood walls were really nice.

Another look at the built-in desk and bookshelves along the rear wall with windows above. Two more closets were to the left at the end of the room. Mr. Meyer really did a nice job of creating all-glass walls with the dual casement window assemblies. The windows have the appearance of being mounted end to end all along the front and back of the house. I didn't even notice how he did this until I looked closely in between a pair of casement windows. There was a small support column about 2 inches in diameter in between each assembly that provided the structural support to the walls full of casement windows. All of the casement windows in the house were done like this.

This photo was taken looking down the length of the front balcony towards the east. I really liked the look the rows of casement windows gave to this house. Door to immediate left opens into the "kids room." Notice the siding on the bottom of the windows 3 window sections down from the door. That was the location of the bathroom. This balcony had another door on the far end that opened to the upper floor of the entry foyer. The upper floor of the entry foyer was originally a small bedroom.