Howard Meyer
4400 Rheims
Highland Park

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Entry Foyer Looking Back At Front Door
The main entry foyer looking back at the front door. The Preservation Dallas Howard Meyer tour booklet says that there was originally a bedroom over this entry. The entry was remodeled, opened up and the surrounding walkway/balcony added above. Notice the added mirrors covering bottom of recessed lighting coves. These mirrors covered the original light wood as seen in the master bedroom. Obviously the mirrors aren't original Meyer.

Foyer Staircase and Windows
I believe that this stairway is all original though I'm not sure. I'm assuming that when the bedroom above was removed to make the large entry foyer that the balcony railing was built to match the stairway railing. I'm just guessing. The doorway under the stairs leads to the breakfast nook and kitchen.

Stone Steps and Landing
I just love this stone landing and first four stairs. Notice how it shoots through the window and out into the backyard. I think the three slots near the window are an air return vent.

Looking Up Stairs
This is looking up from the stone stairway landing. The doorway above leads to the east upstairs bedroom. I don't know if the bookcases are original or not. If they are I believe that they would have been in the room that was removed. I would really like to check out the original plans to see how this part of the house was before it was changed. I'm just guessing but I think that the walkway was originally parallel to the stairway and ran between the east upstairs bedroom and the west upstairs kid's bedroom.