Howard Meyer
4400 Rheims
Highland Park

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This is the upstairs East bedroom looking south. Nice built-in cabinets, drawers and shelves under the windows along the front. The drawers and cabinets appeared to be a standard size in each room with built-ins with 2 sets of drawers and one 2-door cabinet. The size of the casement window assemblies dictated the room size. Walls were aligned between window assemblies.

This is the rear of the east upstairs bedroom. Entry foyer stairs can be seen through open door at left in photo. Bathroom is on other side of closet at center of photo and door out to terrace is just out of the photo at far right. Door to bathroom is next to far closet door next to mirror.

Here is the large roof terrace outside the east upstairs bedroom. This terrace is the roof of the Garden Room below.