Sherman and Denison, Texas

Westwood Village Shopping Center, Sherman

This sign at the Westwood Village shopping center is located in west Sherman. The sign features a flying W and a grounded giant V. The neon tubing on the W isn't completely intact. I haven't seen this sign at night so I don't know if it's operational or not.

Old Barret Drug Store and Barret Building Sign, Denison

The Barrett Drug Store was located on Main Street in Denison Tx. It's now closed and part of the building is now longer there. I took the photo on the left in 2002 and at the time I didn't think to cross the street and get a better shot of the huge Barrett blue and red sign. I could kick myself for that because the sign is now gone along with the section of the building that it was on top of. The two story tall section of the building is still there but was vacant in 2008 when I took the photo of the Barrett Building sign.

Rialto Theater, Main Street, Denison

Watsons Hamburgers, Main Street, Denison

The Watsons Hamburgers drive-in is also on Main Street in Denison. Pretty incredible stuff here. The place looks new. Like going back in time 40 years.
Watson Burger, Morton St., Denison

Not sure if Watsonburger is associated with the Watsons Hamburgers place above but it has a pretty cool "sparkly bulb" sign that is in full dazzling operation.
Allen Plumbing Supply, South Eisenhower Pkwy. Denison

Allen Plumbing Supply has this cool neon water faucet on a pole out in front of their building. I was hoping to catch it turned on but noticed that it has broken tubing on it. I Wonder if the water drops cycle on and off.