Signs In McKinney, Texas

McKinney Inn Motel
This sign is locate on Hwy. 5 just north of University Dr. in McKinney. The motel is still in business and the sign is still operational. The MOTEL lettering has clear neon filled tubing and the yellow arrow also has clear neon filled tubing which flashes on and off. The McKinney Inn section at the top is standard plastic covered fluorescent tubes.

Northside Medical, formerly Northside Pharmacy
This sign is on University about a mile or so east of I-75. Absolutely one of the coolest pharmacy signs I have ever seen. A space age version of the traditional pharmacy mortar and pestle. I particularly like the huge gray and beige colored spike shooting out of the ground and up through the mortar and pestle. This sign has always been in good operating condition and is always lit at night. I'm not sure if the rectangular section with the doctor's names is original or not. I suspect that it's not.

Bill Smith Cafe
A little further east on University across the street from Northside Medical is the Bill Smith Cafe. This is one of the best "zany" sign designs I have ever seen. The jumbled letters and arrow sweeping from top to bottom is great. Unfortunately this sign is very rarely lit. I have only seen it turned on one time and luckily I had my camera with me. It's not in very good operating condition though as can be seen in the photo. I have no idea why they would not light this sign at night. It's a work of art!

McKinney Plaza
This sign is located at the McKinney Plaza shopping center Mc Donald St. (Hwy. 5) about a mile south of University Dr. This sign is in fair condition though most of the neon tubing is damaged. The random colored rectangles at the bottom are a classic feature. The two main supporting poles at one time had small metal flags at the top similar to the flag on the Bill Smith sign. I guess they rusted and fell off long ago. The mounting brackets for the flags are still on the poles just below the cones at the tops.

Smith Drugs
This sign is located on the east side of the town square in McKinney at the Smith Drug store. This sign must be at least 50 years old and is in amazing condition though I have never seen it turned on. From the position of the mortar and pestle I believe that the mortar and pestle rotates. I'm tempted to go up there and ask them if the sign is in operational. I would love to see it and get some photos of it turned on.

Hamm's Custom Meats, Vick's Hair Shop
Here are two other vintage signs I found in McKinney. The Hamms sign is located at 215 Tennessee St. just off the square at Hamm's Custom Meats. The Vick's Hair Shop is also on Tennessee St., if I remember correctly, about half a mile south of University Dr. I can't remember if Vick's was still there and in business or not.
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