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Signs In Irving, Texas

David Mc David Auto Group. Hwy. 183
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McDavid East Side
McDavid West Side

This sign is located on Hwy 183 just west of Dallas in Irving. It's a pretty amazing display with flashing Vegas-style bulbs and a huge segmented sequencing arrow sweeping upward to a Texas brand at the top. The sign is in very good overall condition. I have to hand it to Mc David for keeping this sign up and running all these years! In and area where so many vintage signs simply get swept away with time it's really great to see a business keep a sign like this in good operating condition!

McDavid Looking Up
McDavid Looking Up
McDavid Looking Up

Mc David Sign Video Feb. 2010

Mal Hobby Shop, Lee Street

The MAL (Model Aircraft Labs) Hobby Shop has been in business in Irving since 1948. They are located on Lee Street just off of Irving Blvd. in Irving Texas. On November 28, 2008 we stopped by there to browse through their collection of aviation books. When we left I asked the owner to turn on the sign so I could get a photo. He was more than happy to do so. He said that they had the sign put up in the 1950s. I think he said it was 1957. There is neon only on the side of the sign that faces Irving Blvd.

This is the side of the sign facing Irving Blvd. I didn't ask if this was the original tubing that was installed in the 1950s. For being a 50 year old sign it's held up very well. If you want to visit a real vintage hobby shop stop by MAL if you get a chance.

Irving Theater 2008Irving Theater, Irving Blvd & Lee Street.
Right across Lee Street from MAL is the old Irving Theather. It's now a used car lot. I'm not sure what, if anything, is inside the theater building itself. The theater does appear to still be in very good condition though. All the original marquee neon has been removed along with the IRVING name but there are still a few pieces of neon tubing on the building. See below....

Irving Theater Early 1970s.Irving Theater Early 1970s.
During my visit to November 2008 MAL Hobby Shop Ed Seay Jr. of MAL asked if I want to see a photo of the theater. Of course I said yes and he showed me a photo he took in the early 1970s right after the theater closed. I think he said the photo was taken in 1972 but I can't remember for sure. He had he photo printed from a slide and I took a photo of his print with my digital camera. I think it turned out ok. Notice MAL Hobby Shop in the background.

Big State Drugs
This sign is west of the Irving Theater at Irving Blvd and Main. I was lucky enough to get it when it was turned on. Luckily all the tubing was in good working order.