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Signs In Haltom City, Texas

Haltom Plaza Shopping Center
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This sign is located in Haltom City Texas on 377 the Denton Highway just north of Belknap Street. Classic huge red arrow with cursive script "Haltom Plaza." Large I-beams make up the supporting structure. I would have never guessed that the neon tubes on the arrow would be green when lit. I finally had a chance to see this sign lit at night and was surprised to see the giant green arrow. As usual with old signs at least one section had to be non-functional. The "center" wasn't working at the time.

Haltom Theater

Located at Belknap Street and Denton Hwy. 377 in Haltom City. The neon on this building and sign isn't in the greatest condition. I'm not sure if any of it is still operational or not.

Holiday Roller Skating Rink and Markum Center

The Holiday Roller rink is located at Carson and Ponderosa just off Belknap Street in Haltom City. Markum Center is located at Midway and Belknap Street.

Sams Furniture and Appliances

Sam's Furniture and Appliances was originally located right next to the Haltom Theater. The store moved down Belknap Street to the Bakers Lane, Haltom Road and Belknap intersection. When I went over to Haltom City with my son to get these photos on New Years Day 2008 I was disappointed to see that the Sam's store was vacant next to the theater. I figured that another great neon sign had bit the dust. When we headed down Belknap toward downtown Fort Worth I just happened to look to the left and see the new Sam's store just as we were passing it. I whipped around and did a U-turn and was relieved to see the old original Sam's sign installed on a nice new pole next to the store. Later that day, after dark, we went back by to see if the sign would be turned on. Unfortunately the arrow part of the sign wasn't on but the neon on the rest of the sign was in good working order. I've never shopped at Sam's but I have give them a lot of credit for preserving their original sign in this way. The upper portion of the sign was build by Snowden Neon and the lower by Acme Neon.

Old Style Arby's Sign and Motel Sign

This Arby's sign is right across the street from the Sam's store. There are still several of these original neon/flashing bulb Arby's signs around the DFW area. This one is one of the best I have seen. All the neon was in good condition and all the bulbs were functional. The old motel is further southwest down Belknap St. The motel sign appeared to be original. Tough not that special of a sign it's obviously been there a long time. The motel was still open for business when this photo was taken.