Garland Shopping Center, Garland Texas 2008

Located in Garland Texas at Miller and Garland roads this old sign is located at what was a mostly vacant shopping strip. Another huge red arrow but with a cool trapezium I-beam supporting structure. In 2008 when these photos were taken the structure and sign appeared to be in restorable condition but the tubing was almost completely destroyed. I don't ever recall seeing this sign lighted at night. It was out of commission for a very long time. When these photos were taken there was a developer's sign located on the property so I didn't know what that meant for the future of this great vintage sign. (The following are the comments I made in 2008) If they are smart they will restore the thing but I wouldn't bet any money on it. I'll just count on it being razed and replaced by some bland stupid stucco covered thing with a gable on top, then if it isn't it will be a pleasant surprise. See below for a PLEASANT SURPRISE that happened in 2015....

Garland Shopping Center Sign In 2015

Beef House Restaurant, Saturn and Kingsley Road, Garland, Texas

Various Garland Signs

Ridgewood Theater Sign and Shopping Center, West Kingsley and 1st Street Garland, Texas