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Signs In Denton, Texas

Morrison Corn-Kits Sign, Morrison Grain Elevators
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The Morrison grain elevators are at South Bell and East Prairie Street in Denton Texas. The company might not be Morrison any longer. The trucks in the parking lot had a different name on them. It's more than appropriate to feature this sign at the top of the Denton page since it's probably one of the largest signs in north Texas. To get an idea of the hugeness see the photo at upper right. I cropped the photo to include the roof-top door at the lower right of the photo. I guesstimate this sign to be 40 feet tall by at least 80 feet wide. The neon tubing on the sign is mostly broken. I plainly remember seeing this sign when I was a kid lighted at night in all it's glory. I distinctly remember coming back from my aunt, uncle and cousins house in northeast Denton after dark and watching this sign cycle through the various names of Morrison's products. If I remember correctly it would cycle through "CORN-KITS", "PAN-KITS", "BIS-KITS" and also, I believe, "MEX-KITS" or "MEXI-KITS." The bottom center photo shows a close-up of the "CORN" where only part of the "S" remains from the overlapping neon tube lettering that made out the other words.

E-Z CHEK Convience Stores

I believe the E-Z Chek store chain was only in Denton. I don't remember ever seeing an E-Z Chek outside of Denton. It was a pretty unique store chain because most of the stores had really cool decorative criss-cross neon tubing on the outside. When these photos were taken in March of 2008 the E-Z Chek No. 7 was vacant but the No. 4 store was still in operation. I don't know if there are any more of these signs still around Denton. In the limited time we had to look around I only found these two. The stores also had another unique feature with multi-colored translucent panels above the front windows. E-Z Check No. 4 is located at Eagle Dr. and Bernard St. in Denton. No. 4 has some of the criss-crossed neon tubing still on the side of the building. No. 7 is located on University just west of Village Dr. but that one appeared to be out of business.

E-Z CHEK Storefront


I guess you would have to have seen one of these stores in it's full neon splendor to appreciate it but I thought it might be worth showing one of the old stores here. This abandoned store was located on E. Sherman Dr. in Denton. I don't know if it is still there as of late 2014. At one time the entire front of the roof had multi-colored criss-crossed neon tubing. Notice the colored translucent panels above the front windows. Maybe this isn't of much interest to most people but this store left such an impression on me as a kid with all of the neon on the front I thought I would put up a photo. The E-Z Chek sign that was out in front is now long gone.

Frosty Drive-in

This little Drive-in is located at 1002 Fort Worth Drive just south of I-35E in Denton. I don't know how long it's been there but it's definitely a vintage drive-in. I would really like to see the sign at night. Not sure if it still works but the neon tubing appears to still be in very good condition.

Fine Arts Theater

This theater is on the west side of the town square in Denton. This theater has an art-deco look and appears to be in decent condition with the original marquee neon still in place. The city of Denton web site says the theater was opened in the late 1930s as the Texas Theater but was remodeled in the 1950s when the name was changed to Fine Arts. The site also says that a 1982 fire ended the film career of the Fine Arts and that it was reopened in 1990 as a church. The city of Denton site also says that the inside retains the original murals and the original marquee. It is now home the the Calvary Chapel.

Campus Theater

The Campus Theater is located just west of the town square on Hickory St. in Denton. To see a nighttime photo of the Campus Theater and more click here. The Campus has it's own web site with info here. The theater was built in 1949 and closed in 1985 and left vacant. The Greater Denton Arts Council purchased the theater in 1990 and after renovation the theater was reopened in 1995.

Logan Shoe Shop and Holiday Lodge

Logan Shoe Shop is located just down Hickory from the Campus Theater and Holiday Lodge is a small strip motel located on University Dr. at Ruddell St. in Denton.