Mid-Century Modern Main

Cooke County Library - Gainesville, Texas 1963

This very cool small library is located in Gainesville, Texas and is a mid-century modern gem, in my opinion. There are several really interesting details in this building. At first the most noticable feature is the raised geometric pattern roof section in the center. There are clerestory windows wrapped all the way around this section which provide indirect outside lighing over the center library desk area. I don't dont know why I didn't take any photos of the inside while I was there but the interior was still in very good original condition at the time.

If you stop and look the building over you will notice more really cool details such as the brick pattern which is a an intricate alternating pattern of raised and recessed bricks. I tried to caputre it in the photo below but you have to look closely to see the pattern. And last, but certainly not least, are the aluminum sun screens over the north and south windows. The screens are made up of aluminum extrusion sections with bent aluminum sheet strips zig zagging in between the extrusion sections. One of the most impressive sun screen systems I have ever seen! Click all photos to see larger.