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Here are some Howard Meyer buildings in Denton Texas. I got the addresses from the Preservation Dallas Howard Meyer tour booklet. Some of the dates are confusing. The dates on the list show that several years were spent on each project.

Denton County Teachers Credit Union 1962-64, 212 W. Sycamore, Denton Tx.

I think this might be the original credit union building. It didn't appear to be in use by the credit union at the time I took this photo in May of 2003.

Here is a photo of the back, north side, of the building.

Denton Area Teachers Credit Union 1973-77, 225 W. Mulberry St, Denton Tx.
The larger credit union building has a flat roof, exposed beams and large overhangs.

First Presbyterian Church, 1962-67, 1114 W. University, Denton Tx.

On my first visit to this church in 2003 I saw the plaque in the foyer of the main sanctuary which had an earlier date on it than the Preservation Dallas brochure listed. At that time I inquired with a lady in the office about the building but she didn't know any history of the church. I had some question about the date but later in 2008 I went back by the church and talked with an elderly gentleman with the church who told me that he remembered when Howard Meyer was hired to design the building. He said that the entire church except the addition in the back was designed by Mr. Meyer.

First Presbyterian Church front of santuary stained glass.
The stained glass walls at the front of the sanctuary are absolutely beautiful from the inside of the building. The two walls of glass give a transparent and airy feel to the whole front of the sanctuary of the church. Notice the large overhangs.

St Paul's Lutheran Church, 1968-70, 703 North Elm, Denton Tx.
This building has more of a 1970s modern look with it's large ramp-like roofs.