Howard Meyer

3525 Turtle Creek
Dallas, Texas 

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Work in progress on this page. I'm going to add the write-up of this building from the
Preservation Dallas Meyer tour brochure soon.
Here are some links to a broker's site featuring photos of some of the units in this building.
I hope Ms. Pittman doesn't mind me linking to her site. 3525 main page. Unit 13A Nice Photos of an empty unit. Unit 10b Unit 16D

3525 Turtle Creek Front
This is Howard Meyer's largest building. This building is on Turtle Creek in Dallas. I believe this building was originally an apartment building but is now condos. There are 4 units to a floor in a pinwheel type of arrangement. Each unit has 3 exposed sides. The photographic print is very sharp and looks fine but when I scanned it the sun screens got all blurry. I guess all the individual little lines on the sun screens freaked out my scanner. Click the image above to see a larger version. Photo below shows the sun screens in greater detail.

3525 Sunshade Close-Up
Click this image to see the concrete sun screens close-up.
3525 Rear of building at dusk.
I took this shot at dusk. The lights from the windows really showed through at the time but once again the sun screens freaked out the image when I took it with my digital camera. This west side of the building has far more sun screens than the other sides for obvious reasons.