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Various Mid-Century Modern "Googie" In The DFW Area

I don't know the status of any of these buildings (other than the Vandergriff Dealership) as of this writing (late 2014) but here are some old photos of some cool buildings.

Former Denny's Restaurant at Love Field - Dallas, Texas

Obviously this is no longer a Denny's. This former Denny's was a Granpa Tony's Mexican Restaurant when this photo was taken. The building had been changed a little with the addition of a front dining room extension but the classic roof line is still intact. This design is also a Armet & Davis like the EZ's that was located at Northwest Highway & Hillcrest.

Big Town Bowlanes Mesquite, Texas

I took this photo sometime in the 1990's. Can't remember exactly when. This is the Big Town Bowl in Mesquite Texas. Big Town, I believe, was the first enclosed shopping mall. I think the Bowling Alley is still there. It has a classic stretched -M- front. I don't know when it was built.

Caravan Motor Hotel - Arlington, Texas

This photo was taken around 1993-94. It's right across the street from Vandergriff Chevrolet used to be. See photo below. This Caravan Motor Hotel is located in Arlington Texas.There is another Caravan Motor Hotel in Fort Worth but it's not as cool as this one. I checked on this building on March 21, 2004 and it was still there although it's not in the nice condition now as it was when this photo was taken.

Vandergriff Chevrolet Car Dealership - Arlington, Texas (Demolished)

I always thought this was one of the coolest buildings. This photo was taken at the same time of the above Caravan photo. Check out that giant space-age - V - in front! This building and giant "V" are now gone. There is a QT gas station on this site now. Oh boy!