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A Few Photos From My 1994 California Trip

(Formerly) The Orchid Bowl - Goleta, California

While digging through my boxes of photos looking for neon sign photos I found these few photos of classic some California stuff. I couldn't remember what this was until my dad reminded me that it was a bowling alley. I did some internet digging and I'm pretty sure that this was the Orchid Bowl in Goleta, California. It's now Zodo's Bowling and Beyond and is indeed located at 5925 Calle Real, in Goleta. The front has been changed somewhat unfortunately. I could kick myself for not taking more photos back in 1994! Check out those orb light fixtures though the window!

Toluca Lake Car Wash

At the time I took this photo in 1994 this was Toluca Lake Car Wash located at 5925 Calle Real, in Goleta, California. It now has another name on it; Hollywood Stars Car Wash. Check out the starburst sputniks on top of the pylons.

The Pink Motel

From what I remember the Pink wasn't that unique except for the front and signage. It's located at 9457 San Fernando Rd. Sun Valley, California. The motel itself is a old-style simple strip motel. I think it's mainly a filming/video shooting location now from what I have seen online.