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Circle Drive-In, Waco, Texas

The Circle Drive-In

I took these photos in the summer of 2001 on a trip through Waco. The Circle Drive-In is located north of the circle in Waco at 2112 La Salle ave. The Circle appears to be a pretty old theater which is now a flea market. A building has been built onto the screen tower which is pretty unusual. There is a gaint bear painting on the screen tower. I believe the screen tower and marquee are still in place.

The Circle Drive-In

I couldn't get a close look at the screen because of trees and the building that was in the way. There had been a larger screen added at one time but the screen surface was gone. The framework was still there and the original screen could be seen behind the framework.

The Circle Drive-In Marquee

The marquee was still in good shape. The Treasure City section was obviously the original sign because the the smaller sign at the top right still had the original Texas Southwest Theaters sign on it. I didn't see any ticket booth remaining on the site.

The Circle Drive-In Marquee

The back of the marquee structure still had the "Thank You Come Again Soon. Open All Year Rain Or Clear".

More photos of the Circle Drive-in.

Some very nice early 1980s photos of the Circle can be seen here....

A photo from 1948 showing the original screen tower mural. I assume that is when the Circle drive-in opened.

A later photo of the Circle on the Cinema Treasures site. This one shows the screen tower with the later Bear mural.

Joy Drive-In, Waco, Texas

Joy Drive In Screen

I think the screen was all that was left of this drive-in in 2001. I couldn't get any closer than this. It was really overgrown and I couldn't find a way back into the site. I didn't see any marquee or any other drive-in related structures around so I didn't try to look around much. The drive-in was located north of Waco Drive on Business 77 in Waco.

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