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271 Drive-In, Paris, Texas

271 Drive-In Screen Tower

In January of 2006 I went out to Paris Texas to check out a lead on some old civil defense items. I ran up to see if the drive-in theater was still there while I was in town. This theater is on the north side of town between the square and the north loop. It's located just off of N. Main street 271 on Drive-in Ave. I was surprised to find a very old drive-in. According to information online it was opened in 1948. The screen tower has a kind of an art-deco look to it. I started to walk around to the back but it looked like there was some newer type of house back where the projection building would have been on the property so I didn't go any further back than the ticket booth. I could see that the speaker posts were still in place back on the lot.

271 Drive-In Ticket Booth

This wood-frame ticket booth was still pretty much intact. It didn't look like it was as old as the screen. The remains of the concrete entry driveway can be seen to the right of the booth.

271 Drive-In Screen Tower Showing Added Screen

Here's a side view of the screen tower. Notice how a larger screen was added at one time to the original screen tower. The screen tower is concrete. Pretty serious construction for a drive-in theater. I guess that's why the thing is still standing!

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