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Mission Drive-in - San Antonio, Texas (Now Mission Marquee Plaza)

In June 2005 I received an e-mail from Anthony Arizpe about the Mission Drive-In in San Antonio Texas here are his comments......

"First opened in '47,I have an ad from the 70's when it was a twin, and don't know if it was a twin originally. I also don't know when the other two screens were added. It was bought by Santikos Theaters in '01, and shows first run movies now. I saw Kill Bill there. It's a shame they painted over the glass bricks at the top of the column. I understand that it used to be lit when there was a simple marquee up there too. Now the marquee is where the booths are. Very Six Flags-y.
Anthony Arizpe"
Here are a couple of photos Mr. Arizpe sent to me in 2005.

Like the 271 Drive-in in Paris, Texas and the Jefferson Drive-in in Dallas this one has an art deco look to it as well. According to information online it was built in 1948 which puts it in the same few years as the build dates of the abovementioned two theaters. Also like the 271 theater in Paris this screen tower had a larger screen added at one time. This screen tower is truly massive and appears to be built out of concrete block. The other three screens were all demolished after these photos were taken but this main screen tower remained until it was beautifully restored and is now known as Mission Marquee Plaza. The paved area has been planted with grass, the larger screen was removed and they now show movies and have outdoor performances there. There is a nice old photo of the mission which shows it in it's full original glory at this site. There are also a couple of facebook pages that have some great photos of the fully restored screen tower.

Facebook Mission Drive-in

Facebook Mission Marquee Plaza

Here is the large main screen as seen from the screen side. This was removed when the screen tower was restored. This paved area is all grass now.