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Gemini Drive-In Theatre - Dallas, Texas

The Gemini Drive-in was located at the northeast corner of the Forest Lane/Central Expressway intersection in Dallas. It was demolished in the late 1980s. If I remember correctly it was in 1988. It was originally a twin theatre hence the name Gemini but a 3rd screen was added on the far north end of the theater at one time. These amazing photos are slides Steve Dirkx shot after the theater was closed. Steve took these before the theater became badly vandalized. The concession building eventually burned just before it was finally demolished; a very similar fate that the poor Astro Drive-In would suffer years later. A very huge thanks to Steve for these photos which are most likely the finest remaining photos of the Gemini Drive-In!
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Looking east across Central Expressway.
The South screen is on the right.
If you look closely you can see the second ticket
booth that was for the far\north screen just to the left of the north red entrance pylon.

The Gemini sign near the Forest/Central intersection. That's the south screen at the bottom of the photo behind the sign support.

Main Entrance/Ticket Booths.

Entrance with giant red pylons coveren in neon tubes. Crisscross tubes on front were light blue.

Looking north along the front ticket booth entry.

Looking back towards the north screen entrance.

The concession building still in very good condition.

Cheese-hole entry drive lights.
I remember these but I had forgotten that they were ROUND! I have no idea why I didn't think to save any of these from desctruction when the place was bulldozed.

North side of concession building.

Main north screen as seen from the drive to the added third far-north screen.

South screen as seen from concession building.

Looking towards the north screen from the concession building.

This is the large sign by the ticket booth/entry. The red Gemini Theatre section rotated. This sign was really huge. I vividly remember it laying on the ground by the entry after it was cut down.

All That Remains Of The Gemini?
Twenty years after the Gemini Drive-in was demolished these two neon sculptures made entirely of tubes from the Gemini theatre adorn the ceiling in my garage in 2009. The tubes were removed from the main ticket booth entry the day before the gemini was bulldozed and I kept them in storage for over 20 years before I thought of putting them up like this. I guess this is all that's left of the place other than a few of the speakers.