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Fort Worth Twin Drive-In (Demolished)

Fort Worth Twin West Screen

The Fort Worth Twin was located on the South side of I30 just east of Riverside Drive, east of Downtown Fort Worth. When these photos were taken in 1999 the whole lot is pretty much a land fill that is full of junk and dirt piles from dumping. The screens were torn down around 2008 I believe.
I have no idea when the theatre was abandoned. I was there around '88 or '89 when I "rescued" one last neon tube from the marquee before it was further destroyed by rock throwing idiots. At that time there was still a projection building and there was no dumping on the sight yet. These pictures were taken Nov. '99. That's the other screen off in the distance to the right.

In 1999 this is all that was left of the Marquee. I guess that the left half of the Marquee was knocked down by trucks driving into the site to dump. I assume the ticket booths where underneath, to the front of or behind the marqee. The bottom of the marquee is about 9-10 feet off of the ground. I have one piece of Argon tubing that was part of the backlight of this marquee that was removed, as mentioned above. See below.

Last Remaining Fort Worth Twin Marquee Tube

Here is the argon tube from the marquee that was removed in the late 1980s. Back then the front of the marquee was completely smashed by idiots. There was one tube remaining behind the last broken piece of white plastic and here it is.

Meadowbrook Drive-In

Meadowbrook Screen

This drive-in is right across I-30 from where the Fort Worth Twin Drive-in was located except this theater was right on Riverside Dr. The screen and the somewhat intact ticket booth/marquee was still there in 2003 and I believe are still in the same condition as of this writing in December of 2014. I remember going by this theater when it was an overgrown field in the late 1980s. The marquee/ticket booth was still in decent shape at the time. In the early 1990s the Meadowbrook was a bicycle BMX track and later was turned into a storage site for trash dumpsters.

Looking Down Where Entry Drive Used To Be Towards Ticket Booth

This shot was taken looking down along where the entry drive used to be towards the ticket booth. It's pretty much just a big dirt lot now with dumpsters scattered around.

Remains Of Ticket Booth / Marquee

The ticket booth/marquee with "Cowtown BMX" painted over the original sign. All the neon tubing is long gone. When I was at the site in the late 1980s all but 3 of the original neon tubes were broken on the sign.

Remains Of Ticket Booth

This is what is left of one ticket booth. There used to be glass block around the front bottom of the ticket booths. It's all gone now. I think there was originally neon tubing behind the glass block too.

Remains Of Meadowbrook Marquee

In 2008 the Cowtown BMX white paint had faded enough to reveal the original Meadowbrook name. This photo was taken in Feb. 2008. At that time the screen was still up and the ticket booth was still in the same condition as seen in the above photos.

Remains Of Meadowbrook Marquee Sign

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