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87 Drive-In, Fredericksburg, Texas (Demolished)

87 Drive-In Screen Tower In 2002

This old theater was located on Highway 87 on the south side of Fredericksburg Texas. My dad worked the ticket booth at this theater when he lived in Fredericksburg in the late 1950s. According to my mom, who grew up in Fredericksburg, the theater was built sometime in the early 1950s. These photos are from two different visits to Fredericksburg. The first visit was July of 2001 and the latter was July of 2003. This photo was taken in 2003 the second time I was by there. Current on-line street-views of the site show four poles of the screen tower still in place.
I don't remember why I dated all of the photos 2002 but they are from two different vists.

87 Drive-In Screen Tower

Another shot of the back of the screen. Some of the neon tubing is still in place. The screen tower was made of wood and had old asphalt shingles on it. The screen appears to have been widened at one time with the tubing frame and corrugated screen sections. At the time this photo was taken in July 2001 the screen was still all intact.

87 Drive-In Screen Tower From Screen Side

The lot the theater was on is very large. The screen was still in decent shape when I was by there the first time in July 2001. The entry drive and gate is to the left of the screen. The ticket booth was no longer there.

This photo was taken the second time I went by the theater in July 2003. The south end screen extension corrugated sheets have fallen off of the frame. The screen is noticably more deteriorated and the lot more overgrown.
Again, I don't remember why I dated the later photos 2002.

A July 2001 photo of the projection building. This building was still in good shape when this photo was taken. From what I remember it was still in similar shape in 2003. I didn't get any closer when I took this pic because it looked like someone was living in there.

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