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The Astro Drive-In - Dallas, Texas (Demolished)

This was the entry to the Astro. It was the basic "toll booth" drive-in entry arrangement. At one time this entry was jammed with cars lining up to see the shows on the 3 screens. It's such a shame that their statement on the marquee didn't come true.

This is looking back across the entry drive at the main screen. I had to capture the cool "cheese-hole" light fixture in the shot. Several of these lights lined the drive into the Astro. I don't know if they originally had neon in them or not. When this was taken they had old flourescent light fixtures in them. The old Gemini Drive-in that used to be located at Forest Lane and Central Expressway in Dallas used to have these same style lights lining its' drive although the Gemini lights were round.

Click here to see a restoration of an Astro Light

Here is the Astro main screen complete with giant ASTRO sign. The single letters were about 10 feet square and could be seen for miles when lit at night. I really like the supporting structure of this screen. The red main supports remind me of some sort of rocket gantry.

Another view of the main screen. I was trying to capture the majestic quality of the huge screen. Another one of the cool lights is bordering the left upper corner.

This is the only photo I have that shows the projection/concession building. That's it on the left of the photo. This photo was taken after the concession building fire while the Astro was in a state of limbo. I guess that was about 1999.

The main and west screens seen from the concession building. There was a 3rd north screen but I don't have a photo of it.
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This is all that's left of the Astro after the demolition. Nothing had been done with the property as of February 2004 when this photo was taken. I haven't been by there in a long time. As of late 2014 I don't know if anything has ever been done with the property.

Some Astro Drive-In photos by Kevin Danheiser.
Cosmicool associate Kevin Danheiser took these nice black & white shots during one visit out to the Astro. I thought they would be appropriate after seeing the wasteland of the above photo taken in 2004. Click photos to see larger.