www.cosmicool.com features various mid-century subjects such as modern architecture, drive-in theaters, coffee shops, neon, etc. Cosmicool is an image intensive site. Here at Cosmicool we believe that these things have to be seen to be appreciated. There are several virtual-tour style pages which try to get the feel of each building, house or whatever is being presented. To check out each section of cosmicool just click on the links above.
Latest updates below..


Note: If anyone ever checks this site I have hundereds of photos to add to the signs and neon section.
I'm finally starting to do this as of November 2014.

12-21-2014 The Drive-in section is all done. I mostly just removed all of the thumbnail images and put up the larger photos on the pages. I added some info to a few of the pages as well.

11-28-2014 Finally starting to clean-up and re-format cosmicool. FINALLY!


09-04-2010 First update in over a year. OH BROTHER!
Added a Shreveport Louisiana Page to the signs and neon section. The Shreveport page features an inside look at a Roto-Sphere.

Howard Meyer Architect Mid-Century Modern Drive-In Theaters Signs & Neon